About us

Megos :focuses on ip empowerment, driven by product develop and technical innovation, and is engagedin the development, production and sales of all-round cultural and basic necessities of life. The company has cooperated with disney, marvel, hello kitty, discovery channel, lamborghini and other international brand ip for more than 16 years, constantly provide high quality product service for globalconsuming market, gather sport, outdoor, travelling. Etc business into all-in-one “sport +wholeindustry chain” operation platform that has established a perfect brand matrix covering the wholemarket :

Mesuca——founded in 1978, it focuses on the field of children’s sports, and products cover onlineskate, skiing, swimming, rope skipping, basketball, football… etc sports, which become a guide leaderfor children’s healthy growth and comprehensivedevelopment.
Discovery——dedicated to the creation and design of outdoor products, covering tents, sleeping bags,camping lights, cooking utensils and other peripheral products, so that making more people enjoy adiverse leisure life.
    Roof glamping——focusing on the field of camping, providing ip camping equipment such as canopy,camping tables, camping chairs, so that the people living in the downtown can easily experience camping life.
    Megos——surrounding on the field of cultural and creative daily necessities, combined with trendy ip, which is from home life to travel products, to create favorite content and lifestyle for young people.